the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Roy says

    Baffles me too

  2. Iteven says

    Talented developer would ALWAYS have a well documented software. I see too many retarded developers who can’t see themselves from the perspective of users. Disgusting low intelligence…but at least they try. The answer is always look for the talented people.

  3. Yu says

    This is his pet project (hobby), not his job. That’s why.
    But, you can ask here what you want to do and the developer will usually answer you.

  4. Miljenko says

    Why would anyone need so badly docs for AS or Hydrogen? Isn’t 90% of functions self-explanatory? The only useful thing here would be a code snippet’s base, but it’s really not something the dev *needs* to do. Snippets are universal. Anyone can also contribute by creating a website or blog and providing a list of useful snippets…

  5. Iteven says

    To create functionality which is self explanatory is not that easy. You need talent and deep thinking. Perhaps people who use various softwares can figure out many things themselves, but less brainy people or with less experience will struggle and waste their lifetime to figure out things.

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