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  1. Davor Mlinarić says

    oh yes. 👍

  2. Renata Cunha says
  3. Premnath Deenadayalan says

    We can do this in Oxygen using add selectors right ?

  4. Francis Roland Scriven says

    Would become too messy. Just use a stylesheet.

  5. André Slotta says

    Udoro ‘Cracka’ Essien I just read about how combo classes work on Do I understand correctly that a combo class “duplicates” all the styles from its “parent”? If so I really do not like the concept. 🙂 I prefer BEMs modifier way of working in such a case.

  6. Pascal Dörflinger says

    You mean dependent classes as in .my-class.variant-class?

    I‘d use a stylesheet for that. Gets very complicated very quickly. Better to have those stylings in one place imo.

  7. Fang Acorn says

    TOO HEAVY TOO MESS,I dont like it , Oxygen is simple light and feel free, so I stick on this~

  8. Rene Jensen says

    Combo clases could be nice i think i works brillant in webflow

  9. Vince Balk says

    Oxymade has it.

  10. Cynthia Vanoirbeek says

    I don’t know if I would like that personally, call me old school but even now I already sometimes get “frustrated” that when have a more complicated class and I set that up with the oxygen editor, I have a hard time finding things. I am so used to just searching for a class name and seeing every thing in “one place” in a CSS-file. Might be me still adjusting from writing css (or scss) to using a visual editor. But for the combo classes I do prefer to have those in my stylesheets, it gives me a better overview of what is going on 🤷. But I do get that you like the use of combo classes as it does give more control over your styling!

  11. Gerson El says

    I also want this.

  12. Renato Ćorluka says

    Udoro ‘Cracka’ Essien check CSS methodology and exception part ideas.

  13. Bruno Antonio Rojas Leyton says

    Why? I prefer speed optimization.

  14. Max Zimmer says

    Pretty sure you can do that already. Custom selector and style it.

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