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¡It’s finally here! Advance filtering plugin by piotnet, very accesible!, + ear

¡It’s finally here! Advance filtering plugin by piotnet, very accesible!, + early adopter discount + previous users discount 💥 ¡Works with metabox, acf, jet engine and pods! 100 sites, lifetime updates: $95 usd
100 sites, 1 year updates: $79 usd
1 site, 1 year updates: $39 usd


  1. Gorakh Sirsikar says

    Wonder if it “doesn’t work” with toolset types because the list of names mentioning “works with” doesn’t mention it… or is it just that they haven’t tested 100% compatibility

  2. George Xatzidimitriou says

    Thanks for letting us know, but you should take off the affiliate link. Its against the group rules.

  3. Gé Tyndal says

    Is it an affiliate link?

  4. Adam J. Humphreys says

    How are you controlling canonical issues with all those filters?

  5. Jonni Nahar says

    This thing looks awesome, and piotnet is great! I wonder if it’s a good purchase for those who already hold wp grid builder though, hmm!

  6. Bruno Antonio Rojas Leyton says

    Elijah Mills

  7. Vince Balk says


  8. Kenneth Green says

    This vs wpgridbuilder? Looks almost like the same? 😊

  9. Lương Hữu Phước says

    “OXYGEN” This is discount code 10% for Oxygen User. Thank you so much!
    Louis from Piotnet

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