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I’ve launched a couple of sites with Oxygen now but can’t seem to get a score be

I’ve launched a couple of sites with Oxygen now but can’t seem to get a score better than 60 – 80 from Google PageSpeed insights. That is with WP Rocket enabled. Am I missing something? How can I get the score up to the 90s ?


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  1. Christopher says

    How can anybody help you without seeing the site? What does the report tell you is the issue? Just using Oxygen without good practice of optimisation is not going to make your website fast. Not just using a cache plugin but many other factors come into play.

  2. David says

    and the biggest variable of all…. what’s your hosting like? if that is poor you are wasting your time.

  3. Miguel says

    And adding to what Dave and others said above – use something like cloudflare. It’s free and massively improves any crappy hosting load times. Especially if the sites are mostly static ( hint – most business sites are static beyond a couple of forms maybe ).

  4. Thomas says

    Is CSS cache in oxygen settings enabled?

  5. Adam says

    Self host Google fonts and turn them off on bloat eliminator under oxygen settings

  6. Manuel says

    Check if your design is user friendly, check also the structure on mobile and desktop if they are easily accessible

  7. Martin says

    Following this thread as getting started designing sites in Oxygen from the ground up for speed. All general tips greatly appreciated!

  8. Cipo says

    You getting that on mobile or desktop?

    What does the advanced light house audit tell you?

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