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Just saw that was updated to state that initial conversations have happened bet

Just saw that was updated to state that initial conversations have happened between WPML and Oxygen. As most of my clients are from the german-speaking area and require German and English sites at a minimum, I would be stoked to see proper integration between the two.

Easy sites are easily translated. More complicated ones are a pain with Oxygen. Constantly running into issues. (Yes, I tried TranslatePress. Same issues.)

Consider this my official inofficial upvote for this feature!


  1. Daniel Höller says

    Can‘t understand why Oxygen is still not dealing with multi language support…

  2. Adam Tang says
  3. Carlos Rosario says

    I need multi language too.

    This is a strong limitation at the moment.

  4. Francis Roland Scriven says

    I like polylang

  5. Alex Tester says

    Polylang all the way. Not let me down yet.

  6. Vit Spisek says

    I don’t know if it covers all bases, but I’ve built several Oxy sites with PolyLang free and was very happy with it. Some include custom posts with MetaBox fields fed to OxyExtras as testimonials, all runs smoothly.

    I don’t mind (in many cases I even prefer) creating separate templates for each language, but with a simple snippet, you can even have 1 template pulling the right menu and dynamic data if needed.

    I heard WPML was quite bloated (haven’t tried it, it could be just a rumour). Have you tried PolyLang?

  7. George Xatzidimitriou says

    Tried using oxy+wpml a week ago or so. Simple site like 10 pages made in oxygen. Did not work as intended. Tried resigning shortcodes as it was a solution found on wpml support forum. Bricked the site.

    Moral of the story, always have a backup before doing major changes. And oxy+wpml integration sucks.

  8. Darius Zak says

    What about multisite ?

  9. Dave Hilditch says

    Anyone tried Polylang with Oxygen? The underlying SQL queries Polylang produces are a lot healthier and easier to optimise than the ones WPML produces.

  10. Simon Kress says

    try polylang.

  11. Jean-pierre Chhang says

    Hi, not really sure about why many people are having an issue with WPML, or my team and I are using it in the wrong way? Our own agency website is using Oxy + WPML, and we don’t face much issue (even on pagespeed score), the only thing is that we have our own custom language switcher on the sticker bar, only for visitors from Thailand.

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