the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Niko Hannula says
  2. Timo Niessner says using api doc.

  3. Chuck Allen says

    I use BunnyShell to manage my Digital Ocean servers- including installing WP.

  4. Joshua Hawkins says

    +1 for WordOps

  5. Nick Collins says

    Depending on your technical acumen and how involved you want to be, GridPane or RunCloud

  6. Marco Rubiol says


  7. John McBade says

    I prefer manual install myself and I have cPanel. Maybe I am “old school”. I have a baseline install I created locally, use All In One Migration to create a backup, install the basic WordPress manually, install All In One and then restore my baseline.

    Very consistent that way.

  8. Drew Schlichtmann says

    AWS or Lindode, I use both. hands down my favorite way of installing WordPress.

  9. Georgij Ray Berry Michel says

    Does not play a role how do you do it.
    Had some hosting panels before.
    Wrote own scripts which made my prefered wordpress setup
    now i am working with wordops and i like it.

  10. Marion Paolo Abagar says

    Installed cyberpanel on vultr hf via CLI. I just use putty.

  11. Luke Allen says

    I use DO with Cloudways. It’s a one-click install for WordPress.

  12. David Bolwell says

    I like plesk. If I will only have 1-3 sites on the server I will use plesk. If I will need more and also want staging I will use cyberpanel. Both are free. Vultr can instal both so you don’t need terminal.

  13. Jim Barr says

    I use Digital Ocean and CyberPanel for a complete solution. For simpler requirements, I just spin up a Docker stack using Portainer.

  14. Kyle Wahlquist says

    WPX. Easiest affordable way I have found to host multiple WP sites, and they are pretty fast out of the box, too.

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