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Looking for people that have made the switch from Siteground to something better

Looking for people that have made the switch from Siteground to something better. Currently using their Go Geek, to build the sites, and have opted to use them to transfer it across to the clients hosting as Oxygen doesnt play nice with their plugin, and i cant be stuffed paying another licence fee for another service to do this – just works out easier for me.
Im not a hosting expert, and no desire to learn it this is why siteground was so good, nice and easy to get it sorted, but its not playing nice with Oxygen at all, SG Optimiser is so bad, cant justify buying something like Rocket, again trying to minimise spending with Covid. Also siteground doesnt play well with Wireframe Kit, which is a shame, id really like to be able to use this again.
So im looking for hosting for dummies basically that just simply works well and doesnt cost a bomb.


  1. Narwastu Nagoro says

    im using and it’s pretty cheap tho. and easy to config.

    here some review bout closte

  2. Stoddard Worman says

    Hi Jodie. I taught myself enough about hosting along the way of learning Oxygen and web dev/design in general and there’s not a huge learning curve for managed WP hosting through Cloudways. If you want to hop on a quick zoom I can walk you through my set up, won’t take more than 10-15 min.

    I use a Cloudways Vultr HF 2GB server, without their built-in caching software (Breeze) and get lightning fast response times.

    Here’s a site I built that’s currently hosted there:

  3. Sumit Singh says

    I have moved siteground to aws lightsail. It is working good.

  4. Brett Kelly says

    Cloudways is what you want, I think.

  5. Chris RM says

    Have a look at superfast with amazing customer service so far

  6. Clint Bush says

    I have used Siteground, WPEngine, Kinsta, A2, GoDaddy, and now Cloudways. Now that I am on Cloudways (1 year now), I don’t see switching ever again. Between the flexibility, cost, admin tools, it is what I have wanted all these years

  7. William Pennington says

    I went from Siteground to Cloudways. I saved a ton of money and got a huge boost in speed. You’ll just have to pay extra for email. I believe it’s $1 per mailbox, but I use Google Workspace

  8. Jason Marcal says

    Personally I like Siteground for hosting. But yes Their SG Optimizer is messed up. v5.9.x still breaks things with Oxygen Builder and also other builders.

    I just don’t use their optimizer. there are lots to choose from.

    But as some has mentioned cloudways. I will have to take a look at them.

  9. Yves Malouin says

    I moved (~2 years ago) from Siteground to Web Hosting Canada. Best hosting I ever had so far. Very happy. All is working fine. Like you I was looking for “hosting for dummies” type of host. Plus they have Litespeed servers and QUIC.Cloud CDN. I choose the “Enterprise” package.

  10. Gagan Preet Singh says

    I have migrated my website from Fastcomet to the Vultr High Frequency. My website performance is amazing, using only free plugins and resources. My website score is 90+ for mobile and desktop on GPSI, TTFB score is 400, and website uploading speed is less than 1000ms in my targeted region. I’m still not using any CDN. You may check my website score on different tools, here it is :

  11. Jodie Scott says

    Is there any issues using the Cloudways migration tool with Oxygen, siteground’s one left 1/2 of the site behind. I know i would have to do the shortcodes, but anything else ?

  12. John Dalezios says

    Hostinger works great for me, I only use oxygen.

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