the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Dan says

    Honestly mate, I’ve been using Oxygen for a few years now and use it literally every single day and I don’t use use any extensions.
    Sure I have purchased a few but I don’t use them as I really don’t see much need for them. But each to their own

  2. Wes says

    Learn oxygen core inside and out first. Then hydrogen. Then extras. Then ninja.

  3. Lukas says

    One advice, learn how to efficiently use classes and almost all the problems will be sorted, the rest is just practice. I’m personally using BEM but it’s not the only one out there. Find something that fits you 😉

  4. Budi says

    Try this Recoda Workspace use when still free to test run

  5. Zbynek says

    First, the extension of your spine from this top side

  6. Farhan says

    Extensions as in plugins? Only the following:

    All In One – for backup and migrations

    Rank Math – for on-site SEO

    Contact form 7 – for contact forms (duh) but I will change to Fluent Forms soon

    My own plug-in to store styles and scripts

    That’s it! You pretty much won’t need anything more for basic sites to be honest.

  7. Travis says

    This is constantly asked.

    1. Recoda Workspace – by far the best workflow enhancement plugin
    2. Editor Enhancer – I only use for Style Flow feature, now that Recoda is a thing
    3. Automatic.css – game changing css framework
    4. Hydrogen Pack – I’m still not sure if I need Hydrogen now that I have both Recoda and EE, but it’s been a classic for sure.

  8. Alisha says

    -Hydrogen Pack
    -Code Snippets
    -Fluent Forms (though if you don’t already have the LTD, I would go with WSForms)

    That’s my basic stack. The first three are Oxygen specific.

  9. 王世阳 says

    Thank you all very much for your comments and I will explore and learn based on your recommendations.

  10. Acon says

    I bought many Oxygen addons too but now only use Hydrogen Pack & OxyNinja.

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