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Louis Reingold Elijah Mills @KevinfromOxygenSupport Phe Simmonds

Louis Reingold Elijah Mills @KevinfromOxygenSupport Phe Simmonds
You are so good!
You could have sent me links to any somehow more or less good websites.
But you didn’t! You have always helped me absolutely to the point.
To say it clear: I’m very glad to have the Oxygen Builder Support Crew to contact, if I’m struggling. And that happens unfortunately even for projects that are not that fancy – cause of database integration of the hoster etc. or whatever appears will happen meanwhile



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  1. Luke says

    I see.

  2. Muhammad says

    yes, Oxygen Support is awesome and always deliver more.

  3. Camilo says

    Phe Simmonds is a rockstar!

  4. Mein-bester says

    it must be difficult to keep on with that much users. But please go on with that team performance

  5. Christian says

    So true!

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