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May I know how do you removed unused CSS from /wp-content/uploads/oxygen/css/uni

May I know how do you removed unused CSS from /wp-content/uploads/oxygen/css/universal.css

I have installed oxyextra and oxyninja. These plugin inject a lot of classes to the files that I may not used at all…..

Because of the unused CSS issue, lighthouse don’t give me 100 score and I am sad.

Currently, I use lightspeed cache plugin. It has a function of generating UCSS but it does not work. It is because the UCSS generated will break my theme.

Anyone has suggestion to solve the problem ?

My site link:


  1. Samuel Gonzalez says


  2. Joe Purnell says

    I know this isn’t directly the answer you are looking for, but is it genuinely worth all this stress to get from 99 to 100? I would just give yourself a pat on the back and move on to the next project!

  3. Hakira Shymuy says

    OxyNinja and OxyMade inject css but i believe they have option to purge css???

  4. Mus Sura says

    That’s not true, I get 100/100 scores with oxyninja installed.

    These suggestions are just suggestions, they don’t impact the score directly.

    It says it right there above the suggestion in bold.

  5. David Lau says

    If you have litespeed, upgrade to version 4 beta and use UCSS

  6. Mike Friedman says

    Are you seriously worried about scoring a 99 versus a 100? 🤦‍♂️

  7. Majd Matteus Azar says

    Uninstall every plugin that is not absolutely necessary. All oxy plugins, i deem them “unnecessary”.

  8. Majd Matteus Azar says

    Delay tracking scripts until user interaction.

  9. Andreas Bufe says

    99 or 100 is …. schnurzpiepegal… don’t know the english word for this, sorry

  10. Albert Nurick says

    If this is your biggest problem, you don’t have problems.

  11. Adam J. Humphreys says

    Is your hero image deferred? I noticed it loaded up for me visibly which often will not happen if it’s loaded fast on a good host. This is from mobile iPhone 12 Pro Max on 5G presently on 300 down.

  12. Simon Kress says

    the thing you should work on is this:

  13. Sandra Ranking says

    remove lightpseed plugin and use (for the best unusedCss). U can alternatively, manually remove the core classes you are not using. U might want to consider removing table press and inserting table css via code block only on pages with tables etc. I also obsess over 100.

  14. Shahjahan Machrani says

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  15. Narwastu Nagoro says

    im using purify css. also there’s documentation how to implement it on WordPress.

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