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Mystery font issue after moving hosting SP.

Mystery font issue after moving hosting SP.
I hope someone may have had this same issue before to give us a hint here.
Since we moved to a new hosting provider, the custom font we use with the “Elegant Custom Fonts” plugin, is simply ignored (while there was no issue before the move).
The font files are uploaded to our site so it’s not an external link issue and if I check the source code in the front end, the font family is assigned. But obviously something is broken somewhere and we can’t yet tell where the problem lies. Oxygen still sees the defined font family and strangely enough, mobile view is not affected, only desktop.
Any bright ideas or where to scratch in the stylesheets are welcome.


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  1. Daniel Weaver says

    I had this exact issue. Did you write the custom CSS to go with that? Just make sure you update that to the fonts new location

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