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I am looking for a WordPress/Oxygen consultant for a short-term (4-6 week) project, and I need feedback on a budget (as there is no budget) as I pitch this/seek additional funding.
My teammate has already gotten our website migration pretty far along, but we need help from someone with more expertise/experience than we have internally to polish the design of the site and optimize the backend. We’re happy to do the grunt work. In particular, we are looking for:

• A designer that knows how to write/program CSS for various page templates. (We have some templates that need polishing).

• Someone to create design guidelines to ensure that we are following best practices.

• Someone that is familiar with plugins/widgets and will know which ones best meet our needs. Someone familiar with Javascript is a plus to see what interactive elements may be possible.

• Someone to guide us in optimization (mobile, images, seo, etc.)

Understanding that there is a lot of slippage in the above, what is reasonable to budget? Is it possible to accomplish the above for under $2500 USD, for instance?


  1. Demetre Minchev says

    without specifics it’s very hard to help you

    you need a design, or examples of designs you want.
    elements involved.

    you are basically asking for someone to do the work for you by the sounds of it…

    even your currency is not specific. USD? GBP?

    you are going to need to be a lot mroe detail oriented when dealing with developers or anyone

  2. Marcin Neuman says

    It depends what’s the current state of the website. Almost everything you’ve said should be done BEFORE anything was build. Sometimes it’s easier to start from scratch, than to fix things. Not all work would be lost – especially all the effort to gather the content. I can asses the problem if you want (no charge) to check if I’m a good fit and if the budget is right. PM if you are interested.

  3. Joe Juarez Balingit says

    It would be great if you can link the website and the output you are expecting from 4-6 weeks web design work.

  4. Filip Bedo Benďák says

    hey if you want send me a message

  5. Milen Grigorov says

    I recommend Marcin Neuman, he is expected in both design and Oxygen builder development

  6. Bogdan Ghelmegeanu says

    I can take a look if you want and let you know the exact budget. Feel free to contact me.

  7. Jenny Thomas says

    What I can share is our current website, which is built on DNN. It can give you a sense of complexity (or lack thereof). It’s a portfolio site with a handful of third party plug-ins. We are migrating, so are not looking for a redesign, although switching platforms will inevitably mean there will be tweaks.

  8. Jenny Thomas says

    Also, please don’t DM me yet. I will reach out to you. Currently I’m getting inundated.

  9. Paul Hogden says

    Hi Jenny If it’s 4-6 weeks full time I would suggest it maybe a little optimistic. However it would depend on what was needed exactly.

  10. Peadar Mac Niallais says

    I think you’d probably be looking at 3-4x that given the time period if it’s consistent rather than bits and bobs here and there over the same time frame

  11. Bradlee Alen says

    Its impossible to say what your budget should be, but if you think its going to take 4-6 weeks $2500 isn’t going to cut it for western agencies or freelancers. That said, idk how you came up with that number without direct development experience. Perhaps that’s a timeframe you’re looking to get it accomplished in rather than an assessment of whats needed?

    Having some things in place already and being willing to do “grunt work” is actually probably a hindrance more than a help tbh.

    A single person should be able to meet all of your requirements. Get some more in depth estimates and check out their past work. Expect to pay more for competence/experience.

  12. Umeshk Kumar says

    Hello Jenny

  13. Umeshk Kumar says

    seems I am not allowed to message you. but you can message me, and we can connect for a 30mins call

  14. Raje Punsalan says

    Truthfully, $2500 isn’t going to cut it for a professional designer who knows how to code and knowledge of design systems. Of course UX design as well. Have you thought about paid internship instead? Either way, “You get what you pay for.”

    Also side note, be careful. I have been seeing spam posts in this group for the past couple of days.

  15. Iwamaka Ryu says

    As Raje Punsalan said, this isn’t a reasonable budget for the outcome you’ve described. You’d need a team of 2 or 3 (who work together) to address both the style and technical points. If I had to reduce it to the one person you’d need, it would be the developer.

    It would be very hard to find an Oxygen person with design, coding and facilitation skills ( to direct and fill the knowledge gap in your team). I’d say most of these guys would be the developers of many of the plugins we have available for Oxygen builder.

    If your budget is restricted I would look for a designer who has a folio of work which reflects the presentation you want. Let them fix the typography, colour and spacing on your site with detailed mock ups. A style guide might be overkill. If you wouldn’t spend $5000 to $10,000 on an identity then you don’t need a style guide. That’s just a pain in the arse. Web standards = yes, design standards = um.. different tier of costs.

    Then take those mock ups to an Oxygen jockey and have them set up a templated system for your team to easily add and edit content.

    Maybe do some 1 page paid tests to see who’s a good match. I’d stick with people you can talk and communicate with ease.

  16. Andre Ridwan says

    How big is your site?

  17. Rob Gabaree says

    More than enough

  18. David Nard says

    $2500 for 4 weeks of work is at best about $15/hr…you could almost make that at McDonald’s.

  19. Jared Ledbetter says

    All of that can be doable, but it really depends on how much CSS and Javascript you need.

    I once spent an entire month doing nothing but CSS for 1 client. It was about 100 hours worth of time.

    So, it’s good to have perspective, a link to the site, an itemized list of CCS and Javascript changes and features needed.

  20. Jevgenijs Cernihovics says

    I can do this within said budget. But I will only have next window in September.

  21. Sinisa Sinjori says

    Hi Jenny,
    Just sent you PM.

  22. Wouter van Maaren says

    If you still al looking for someone, you can always send me a PM, happy to help. Located in the Netherlands

  23. Zulfikar Tarunawijaya says

    In generally it is enough for workers from some country.

  24. Omar Tan says

    Reading your job description, I’m able to do 1, 2 and 4 (mobile and images but basic SEO) as for 3 (need to hear out what kind of requirement you’re talking about)

    I’m a UXUI designer by trade but have a development background

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