the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress

need tips with new project

need tips with new project

Looking to build a udemy clone ( sort of)

How do I go about delivering videos? I have checked a bunch of cloud hosting services, they give mayb3 300GB of space. When asked about it, they said to integrate a 3rd party storage (AWS etc)

Can any1 give me the short version of how this could work? Asking so I know what to look for. Functionality and plugins.

Thanks in avdance.


  1. Sven Rockets Grimm says

    Use Vimeo for video storage. Learndash or memberpress for courses delivery

  2. Clint Bush says

    Use a CDN for your video storage. That will be the cheapest and best performance. Anything else you are going to pay a lot for.

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