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New to Oxygen, full transparency I haven’t used it yet and joined the group to j

New to Oxygen, full transparency I haven’t used it yet and joined the group to just follow some discussions. I currently use Elementor but kind of fed up with the bloat, slow loading editor etc. Curious how many “converts” there are who have switched from E to Oxygen and what your experience has been. Thanks!


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  1. Nenad says

    Probably more than a half of the community adopted Oxygen for the same reason.
    While Oxygen isn’t perfect, and the editor is also slow, you can at least make websites that are fast in the front end.
    Also, if you also know code it’s so easy to customize.
    It’s really worth the lifetime license.
    You can try it yourself here, before ‘pulling the trigger’.

  2. Filippo says

    I came from Elementor, and switching to Oxygen was the best decision I made as a web designer.

  3. Justin says

    I love it and haven’t looked back.

  4. Joe says

    I’ve worked with (and continue to work with) Elementor, Avada, and Beaver Builder on client websites. Oxygen blows them away and enriches your own skills.

    Elementor taught me that there is such a thing as too basic.

  5. Christian says

    I use both. I can make the most advanced and complex design with elementor. Within my client budgets. Everything takes twice as long doing it oxygen. Sure the requests to the server are fewer etc. but the load speed is like 5% difference in the end. If all my clients had the budget I’ll use oxygen all the time. Just cause I’m prouder of the output. Just use the cools that make the best version of you.

  6. Orrett says

    Left Ele because I couldn’t do some basic stuff without additional plugins. Using Oxygen for a year and I’ve learned a BUNCH. I now feel closer to being a proper developer.

    Recently went back to Elementor to work on an older client site, and immediately started writing custom CSS because of how much I’ve learned the past year.

    It takes longer to build sites in Oxygen, but the result is rock solid.

  7. Wes says

    Not E but I’m a DIVI convert and never looked back

  8. Chris says

    I jumped from BeaverBuilder to Elementor to Oxygen. Honestly, it’s a shift in your mindset and how things are built. Once you make that adjustment in your thinking you never want to go back. Using classes for 90% of you build is amazing. (OxyNinja, OxyMade, AutomaticCSS are all class type frameworks – some better than others)

  9. Dicky says

    Oxygen is amazing at improving work that used to take a while to complete.

  10. Andy says

    Oxygen is the slowest loading builder by far on the backend.

  11. Maminiaina says

    I used to work on Divi and then found out about Oxy a while back while trying to find a way to get more freedom in my design. It’s night and day. Honestly I had no problem with Divi before, but the most recent work I had to do with Divi was just a pain. Yes, the editor loads faster but that’s that. The freedom to design anything you want is just no available on Divi. On top of everything, the time I spent using Oxy dramatically increased my knowledge of HTML and CSS

  12. Parv says

    Freedom to develop what you want is great, when you code. Can do with e and divi but used to have to make shortcodes.

    Prefer the ability to create layouts. Much more intuitive for a coder and there are no limits.

    Classes are much simpler. Stylesheets also.

    Only issue I’ve actually had with oxygen is having the create a plugin instead of using a normal functions.php file.

    Another issue I’ve had on occasions is that since there is no theme file per se, once or twice I’ve had some trouble with calling a function from a file on the server on a form submit. Had to figure out some other way, which I can’t recall from the top of my head.

    I do also know that oxygen can get a bit buggy with certain plugins… needs a lot of debugging in regards to migrations, general bugginess, etc, but nothing unmanageable.

    Oxygen is the only builder I get 100 page speed on (I know some people can do this on other builders, I never could), could only ever do it with custom code previously.

    Love the ACF ease of integration. Love code blocks. Especially love repeaters and ease of integrating CPTs. Can even use a code block with a pre get posts before a repeater to do some custom stuff. Or just code your own foreach!

    Sure there’s loads more. But that’s a few main things.

    Overall, used everything, still work on lots (due to client needs), but oxygen is my new day one baby mama.

    Hope that helps!

  13. Kevin says

    I still prefer elementor. Most of the work I do is with woocommerce. I dont like oxygen+woocommerce combination. This are some sites I made with elementor: | | | | | | | | | | | | |

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