the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Alexander van Aken says

    Wpdevdesign by Sridhar Katakam

    Permaslug by Jonathan Jernigan

    Digital ambition by Kevin Geary

  2. Matt Hias says

    First step:
    Oxygen YouTube Channel

    After that, for the more advanced subjects, see resources above named by Alexander van Aken.

  3. Jean-Pierre Michael says

    Look for Kevin Geary ‘s channel on YouTube. You’ll learn a lot too. Digital ambition

  4. Brian Lovelace says

    Oxygen YT Channel and Permaslug’s YT channel! For more complex stuff I have a LTD for Sridhar’s WPDevDesign site which is amazing!

  5. Forrest K Bowman says
  6. Stephen Bliss says

    It’s important that you already know html, CSS, php and js.

  7. Yen Ch'ng says

    Jumped on board after quick comparisons yesterday and still trying to get around it too XD

    the tool seems complicated but from review seems to be worth the journey as it is a true page builder.

    maybe a stupid question but anyone has been able to find ways to resize the editor bar? 😅

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