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Non-HTTP LINK URL in OxyHI anyone knows a workaround to have non-http url in the


HI anyone knows a workaround to have non-http url in the link? I can do such with Elementor. It will open up an Desktop/Mobile Apps while clicking.
Current Solution: Create a whole HTML in Code block.
Appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.


  1. Rich Deane says

    Not the perfect solution but could you add it as an attribute – data-URL for example, then write some js to loop through those links and swap href with data-URL content?

  2. Blue Li says

    The easiest way could be. You can try creating a custom function to get this url via code snippet
    Then you can use php function from dynamic data to call your custom function for this url field

  3. Ben Quextal says

    It’s annoying that Oxy assumes it knows better than you. I wish there were a way to disable all this “intelligence” and just do what we say!

  4. David Ross says

    In what way doesn’t it work? How is this different from a tel: or mailto: link which work fine.? Does it error?

  5. Phillip Wesley-Brown says

    JQuery is how I would do it

  6. David Nard says

    This isn’t an oxygen issue, it’s with WordPress’ esc_url() function. Crack open link-text.class.php in oxygen, line 49. You’d want to add a filter to WordPress’ clean_url which is called at the end of esc_url.

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