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Not necessarily an Oxygen topic but more a trends topic. I am encountering fewer

Not necessarily an Oxygen topic but more a trends topic. I am encountering fewer and fewer web contact forms these days. Seems more are opting for the “mailto” email links.

Does anyone else notice this? Is there a reason for the shift? Or are web forms frowned upon these days?


  1. Gabriel Denys says

    Yeah I’ve been telling my clients contact forms are an old way to contact. I usually do mailto links or live chat or something similar.

  2. Lewis Johnson says

    Cool question. Im currently building two sites and the clients did not request contact forms, when i mentioned it they both preferred mailto links. One is a electrical wholesaler the other a large food supplier, they have older/other sites that have them but they don’t seem bothered. Personally i don’t like filling out a form, and mailto makes me feel its quicker….

  3. Nate Galloway says

    I remember a time where mailto links were frowned upon due to screen scrapers harvesting those email addresses. Is this no longer a concern?

  4. Shawn Gillespie says

    This case study is about 3 years old but I haven’t seen anything more recent and it’s still somewhat relevant.

    I usually just offer both on the contact page and these days, chat. The way I see it. Some users like a mail link, some like a form and some like chat. I see no good reason not to cater to everyone.

  5. Roberto Ciccolella says

    I have educated my clients to never ever display email addresses to web pages, soon or later they will be harvested by spammers. I don’t see any valid reason to give up to contact forms.

  6. Jennifer Beam says

    I use forms as a way to get easy statistics. If everyone emails directly then it’s harder to watch.

  7. Beyung Kang says

    Good point. Just a thought but maybe people in general think that they won’t get a reply and that a form is just there to be there. I feel this way sometimes lol

  8. James Crabb says

    I still like to give the option of either. Why not, the more options for capturing a lead the better in my opinion.

  9. Fabian Kastner says

    Let’s not forget that more and more websites are cloud hosted, or served static from a CDN. Neither supports emailing out of the box, so handing the task over to the browser is the easiest solution.

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