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Not oxygen related question but here i see lot of devs

Not oxygen related question but here i see lot of devs

I want to create a acf field which i want to show that acf field in various post types. But problem is every new post want a new value from me . I want a global value for acf field.

Means – i want to use one single value in all locations where i am using that acf fields.


  1. Elliott Bear says

    What field type is it? Many of them let you set defaults; for those that don’t, you can check if the field is empty and then display your default value via PHP

  2. Sten Millend says

    I believe this might be of help. Same ACF global page concept can be adapted to your needs unless I misunderstood.

  3. Carlos Rosario says

    Schript Organizer can’t solve this? Does it have to be a ACF?

    Marko Krstic

  4. Lyle Dove says

    Install ACF extended and use the options feature. These are basically static entries into a field group that you can do exactly what your attempting to achieve. They would normally be used for things like a phone number or steer address, color codes, etc.

  5. Thomas Kirsch says

    If you want one value on several pages I would recommend to add an extra page that doesn’t show in your menu etc. Add your field to this page and call the value on other pages:

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