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[Not so] off-topic:

[Not so] off-topic:

Please, keep in mind not everyone here is a native English spoken person. So, every time you see something “too harsh”, just think about if it’s possible to be due to a language barrier. As a community member, you should value the effort made by non English spoken members… unless you prefer to have posts in Spanish, Chinese, French, Hindi, Japanese, etc.

I love Oxygen and it’s community, but from time to time I see posts with people mocking somebody just for the way they write a post.


  1. Philip Marks says

    I agree but :-
    I used to ask loads of newbie questions – Please do a search on a topic because it’s probably been solved before.

    Think twice before complaining directly to the Oxygen team. It’s easy to criticise and hard to achieve. There are plenty of people who think they do a good job.

  2. Stephen Donald Petersen says

    hey the mock me and I’m a Australian, just my finger do different to what think 🙂

  3. Acorn Fang says

    many people love my funny English speaking video,everytime I watch again,I am also laugh for a long time,lol

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