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Not strictly Oxy related, but quite there.

Not strictly Oxy related, but quite there.

I rely on cloudways. And to my surprise i just found out that Wp Rocket does not offer Memcached support.

This means that i am losing a lot of performances (and on Oxy sites, i really get a lot of DB Connection errors)

What is your suggestion as a “speed lover”? The good old w3 cache? What is your preference in 2022?



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  1. Blue says

    I would suggest you use cloudways it’s own cache plugin which is breeze

  2. Jamie says

    This is why I always choose litespeed as it’s caching plugin works flawlessly with mem/redis.

  3. Simeon says

    Object Cache Pro comes for free now on 2GB+ servers, so that’s pretty much the best choice.

  4. Aaron says

    Cloudways provides Breeze to handle that.

  5. Carlos says

    I’d say do away with Cloudways and go straight to Vultr with CyberPanel or Plesk. It’s just a tad more techy to set up, but you get more control and more power for about the same price.

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