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Okay just putting out feelers. I live in the North Yorkshire UK in a town called

Okay just putting out feelers. I live in the North Yorkshire UK in a town called Beverley. Ive been running my own business for a few months, though I’ve been making websites for 15 years (made my own PHP/MySQL back in ’08…)

Anyway. I just kind of like the idea of teaming up with someone. I don’t have an overwhelming supply of clients (just enough to keep me busy), so it’s not like I’m offering guaranteed work. But I would just like to team up with someone cool to build a business together.




  1. Piotr Chabros says

    Hi Peter, I’m in the process of setting up a team too. There are 3 of us right now, soon 4. I’d like to talk with you about our potential collaboration.

  2. Samarpan Raj says

    I am in Ireland, I work as an SEO executive full-time and do web design as freelancing. Let’s get in touch.

  3. Yssa Villanda Palasi says

    Same here. I’ve been on full time freelance for a couple of years now and looking to collab with someone. I design and develop websites 😊

  4. David A. Wank says

    Peter Adrian Bernardin I’m in the process of adding a developer or two to our team (my primary developer has to slow down b/c of family commitments) so I’d be interested in chatting with you. And FWIW, Go, Habs Go!!

  5. Mike JC Smith says

    There’s a lot of scope for ad hoc collaboration 🙂

  6. Stephen Revere says

    Fun post! If it ends up in a collaboration, share the story with us.

  7. J-p Davies says

    Hey I’m on Lancashire, not so far, would love to have a quick zoom call or something to see if we can work something out.

  8. Alexander Buzmakov says

    Additionally, you can post your post here:

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