the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Matt Hias says

    You are SO … not alone 😉

  2. Will Hunter says

    No worries. Semicolon cancer will be the death on you.

  3. John B. Manos says

    That one time… when I kept editing the wrong php.ini file… on a different server. Yeah. Been there

  4. Gerald Wolfe says

    Hats off! Such a trooper💪🏻 You survived this time Jeff😂👏

  5. Made Lon says

    I always ask myself, what’s the advantage to have a builder if you have to code as there was none? If you lose hours of work because a bracket, a comma or whatever is missing? Just ridiculous.

  6. Jill Armour says

    Perfect image!

  7. Dave Klein says

    I once had that with a missing space!

  8. Ryan Huggins says

    LOVE the image! Been there with missing brackets and semi colons too. Ugh. Thank God for Notepad++

  9. Alan Hysinger says

    Why is the missing paren here in this post? Better put it back.

  10. Vit Spisek says

    The lesson learned here: the truth is in the beer.

    Cheers 🍻

  11. Peter Adrian Bernardin says

    I wrote an article on medium called happy coder where I spoke about how the mind works best when it’s slowed down like you say. Most of us when we feel frustrated pour fuel on the fire. However countless times I would be feeling frustrated, and instead I would intentionally slow down (mentally just let the mind settle), and an idea would pop in my head. When we are frustrated, it’s because the ‘thought pipes are jammed’. No new thought can come through. We relax and new thought comes in. Helpful thoughts.

    To me, coding is, like everything else, a spiritual experience. If I am in tune with myself, my whole being is in sync. The pipes are wide open and it seems I always encounter exactly what I need at exactly the right time.

  12. Wilfried Wilfried says

    Nice ! Would you agréé that after all this work à good way to celebrate is to share your baby to us ? :p

  13. Demetre Minchev says

    Welcome to the world of coding… 🙂

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