the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Emelie Schagerholm says

    Thanks Kevin! Ulf Nomark another Great tutorial to watch!

  2. Simon Kress says

    great one! will share it on

  3. Michael Pucher says

    Using these Yes/No toggles all the time for various functionalities … Love them!

  4. Vince Balk says

    Well. Done. Great tutorial!

  5. Hassan Kaddouri says

    Love that… well done

  6. Paul Burrows says

    That was a really good tutorial and probably a game changer for my workflow. Thank you

  7. Macaulus Macaulus says

    Ive been exploring/doing similar things like this for a while, using acf and oxygens built in conditional display is really cool as it doesn t treat things the same as display:none; and things dont get written to the page at all. For years (as I’m sure lots of others do) i have been making in some cases, completely different headers and top sections for mobile than desktop.

    Ive always hit a wall to be able to conditionally display whole sections or headers based on viewport and device screen size, apart from the test to see if i could have 1 home page, with 2xh1 tags, with different written copy, dividing the one page to possibly compete and rank on 2 distinct valuable serps, only ever having the 1x h1 drawn on each device (and possibly to try and screw with googles head for once), not going to go into why i need/like this thing more than to say, i do. Hopefully wont regret that if the facebook trolls get a whiff of something they can cast inane unhelpful spurts of chatcrap my way
    Im going to see if i can use some of these methods, mixed with my own, modify and play a bit to try and get things working how i have in my head, thanks again for the tutorials Kevin.
    Im nearly finished a new portfolio system I’m making to showcase new sites we’ve built for clients with some pretty cool functionality but the main goal being that its easy for a non tech to chop and change the sites to display in minutes, if i think its up to scratch i have been thinking to offer it up here, try and give something back that may be useful.

  8. Sorin Ciprian Stanciu-Stoian says

    Thank you!!!

  9. Fauzan Rani says

    Cool thanks

  10. Izzy Maxino says

    First off, great tutorial!

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, i followed the tutorial but my blog page and blog post page hides the header and footer, even though the toggles are set to no. the other pages are rendering fine

  11. Tay Terence says

    Wow! Good stuff.

  12. Harry Buckley says

    Is this functionality provided in the standard version of ACF ?

  13. Adam Henriksen says

    Kevin Kelley

  14. John Aperture says

    I set it up today. Works great. Another stellar video by Mr. Kevin Geary. This is the easy button I was looking for in regards to templates.

    Also, Thanks Kevin for sending me down the ACF rabbit hole of trying to pass CSS selectors to an element based on ACF values. I really really really want this to be a thing and not me just being a noob. Is this possible?

  15. Barry Smith says

    Your tutorials are always superb. Thank You

  16. Barry Smith says

    This is awesome for when I develop a site but want a Holding page that does not have the header and footers showing

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