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Oxy Folks,

Oxy Folks,

I would like to request a feature before Oxyvue4 <.< That would be a functional Dynamic Modal It can be usefull for a lot of cases for example where a modal can show aditional information Houses / Cars listings Jobs listings Team members Recipes Portfolios etc Please, feel free to support this idea thank you very much im sure a lot of us will be using this PS - im not looking for a solution, im asking for the community to support the idea


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  1. Kevin says

    OxyExtras has this

  2. Blue says

    You can achieve that with oxyExtras lightbox

  3. Hakira says

    but i need to buy oxyextras to use a feature that could be built in?

    i know we cant have everything in oxygen but every time that someone asks for something what you guys do

    X have this
    Y have that

    im sorry but this is a feature that should be native on oxygen
    we have easyposts, repeaters, modals, why not dynamic modal?

  4. Davor says

    i would try with hidden fields in repeater, and using js populate modal content and show it.

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