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Oxygen 3.8.1 is a minor update that addresses a few edge cases that were present in Oxygen 3.8, as well as a couple of minor tweaks.

You can view the changelog at

Oxygen 3.8.1 is an in-place update available from the plugins screen in your WP admin panel. If that doesn’t work, you can manually update by downloading the latest plugin files from, and installing them over the old versions. Please always perform a backup before updating any plugins.


  1. Patrick Rossel says

    Thanks Elijah Mills

  2. Williams Bonnel says

    Thanks Super Elijah

  3. Harry Buckley says

    Thanks for this update. I have just watched the video and personally I am impressed 🙂 There is now soooo much in this tool, it does need to be learned but this then provides you with an invaluable skill 🙂 Combined with additions like OxyNinja this enables us to create great looking websites using both pre-builts and our own objects so again “Thanks” for tour efforts – appreciated 🙂

  4. Jo Villa says

    Thanks! 😁

  5. Rafael Woyciekowski says


  6. Luis Miguel Rosero C says

    Hello friends, you will have a discount code or coupon to take the Ultimate subscription plan?

  7. Cédric Bontems says

    Thanks a lot for the update !
    Today was client handoff day, and I thought I had accidentaly broken something preapring the site for handoff. Then I saw you post, applied the update, and everything was fixed.
    Just in time.
    This was one of the small number of Oxygen sites concerned by #3647.

  8. Julien Gthr says

    Perfect timing

  9. Ronald Rodriguez says

    I need oxygen 4.0 or oxygen 5.0 where one button creates the perfect website with all content included…

  10. Tomáš Hudolin says

    I have some problems after installing it. Please, could you provide the older version/s for these purposes somewhere? Because if something goes wrong with the new version I’m not able to install the older one. Thanks.

  11. Udoro 'Cracka' Essien says

    Hi Elijah Mills, the dropdown button element doesn’t act as expected when up to two is used. Say I have two dropdown buttons, If I click on the first one, then click on the second one, the first one stays open. Maybe the script needs some modification?

  12. Cem Karahan says

    We still need api for Google Maps? 3.7 was perfect.. i cant update to 3.8 cause of this api thing :(((

  13. Yasien Sarlie says

    Thanks Elijah Mills Will the woocommerce plugin be getting some love now?

  14. Jason Bishop says

    Has anyone else experienced a change in the interface fonts for oxygen since the previous update to this?

  15. Anmar Al-Naqeeb says

    Oxygen 3.8.1 is breaking FlyingPress CSS functions, please work on a solution.

  16. Paul Randall says

    I recently updated a few sites to Oxygen 3.8.1 and the latest WordPress and I can’t seem to edit in Oxygen using Safari any more. I get the interface up but no content, just a grey panel in the middle. I can see stuff in the structure panel and the data in the left panel when I click on elements in the structure panel but that’s it. Anyone else seen this issue? I can edit sites fine in Edge no problem though. Very odd!

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