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  1. Mohammad says

    anything related to shortcodes is broken in 4.0 alpha 1,

    for this, may be in beta we would use another way

  2. Taylor says

    The setup 4.0 to be backwards compatible, meaning that they will still be in the database I believe, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

    My best suggestion would be to setup a staging site that uses it and add version 4.0. Your shortcodes will still show up there and so should still be possible to use

  3. Daniel says

    I asked Elijah about this and he replied that Oxygen never officially supported the do_shortcode method anyway, so it’s not a primary concern for them.

    I did a quick test myself and found that I could render reusable parts in a code block by running do_oxygen_elements on the json tree. Also had to add the reusable part ids to $oxygen_vsb_css_files_to_load.

    I’d like to see an officially supported function to render the reusable parts/templates, just as you have in other tools such as Toolset, Beaver Builder etc.

  4. Olaf says

    Update: I set up a clean WP install with Oxy 4 Alpha 1, and do_shortcode still works! Yay!

  5. David says

    This is not the place for Alpha or Beta posts. It has been side many times before by the Oxygen team. There is no support for Alpha and Beta release. There is a GitHub available for Alpha and Beta releases. Post there. People are jumping the gun over the Oxygen 4.0 release and clogging the air ways here in the group which is not it’s intended purpose.

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