the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Mehmet Koçali says

    Thanks for the announcement for those interested in buying.

  2. Amadeusz Weroński says

    YT video broke mobile

  3. Timothy Hill says

    I recently used this for an oxygen project that required multiple people working on pages/templates in order to meet a deadline. Worked great, thanks!

  4. Avril Roy-Smith says

    Bought. I might not need it now, but likely will in the future.

  5. Michael Pedrotti says

    I like how the page has the most broken feature about default oxygen haha.

  6. Udoro 'Cracka' Essien says

    Does it work on local installation?

  7. Marcin Neuman says

    Thanks for the heads up. Maybe a discounted bundle with ALL your plugins Joshua Gugun Siagian? It would be a nice push for people like me that haven’t bought anything from you yet.

  8. Izzy Maxino says

    Is there a discount code for swiss knife plugin floating around? 😄

  9. Daniel Fawcett says

    Bought but haven’t a clue what it does 😂

  10. Andrew Choi says

    You guys should bundle them

  11. Sumit Pradhan says

    Ueah bundle them with discounted price….

  12. John Difool says

    Count me in on a Bundle

  13. Marcus Michaelsen says

    Check your overflow ;))

  14. Adam Zonnis says

    Can I edit two different pages on same browser with this plugin?

  15. DrFola Ajisafe says

    Mark this post lol. As soon as you increase the price, a flood of posts will follow on why you didn’t give a heads up that price was going up…lol…

  16. Danny Phoenix says

    Does anyone have Sandbox Pro and can compare it to Hydogen’s Sandox??

    Also is there a bundle package? That is a lot of maintenance to have to keep buying the addons.

  17. Zulfikar Tarunawijaya says

    already have this, still don’t have time to try it but I think I will need it for myself when opening multitab or working on the team

  18. Aaron DeVandry says

    Your site looks like it has some mobile width errors based on the video width.

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