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  1. Nate Galloway says

    why am I just now seeing this plugin?

  2. Rocki Buzz says

    I should have bought this when its $3 i just forgot lmao

  3. Esta Schoeman says

    Why is this not part of Oxygen? If it can be done with a plugin, why can’t it be done in Oxygen. I know $24 is not much, but really do we need another plugin to handle core functionality?

  4. Michael Amend says

    Will definitely be implemented by the Oxygen Team at some point as it is a very important function.

  5. Mauro Cavassana says

    Thanks for the heads up. Purchased!

  6. Kristófer Ísar Ingimundarson says

    Cool plugin guys

  7. Philip John says

    So, the integration with Pusher – what guarantees do we have that suddenly Pusher are not going to want to charge to use their service for the lowest sandbox level??

  8. Vince Balk says

    hmmm I guess I have the LTD…

  9. Lorenzo Piovesan says

    I was dumb enough to buy it again even if I had Asura (but I didn’t migrate my license yet). Do I win anything? 😂

  10. Joachim Auster says

    No more Oxygen Plugins!!!

    3 plugins are enough:


    And you are done ✅

  11. Jill Armour says

    So does this mean you could be editing more than one page at a time?

  12. Savkovic Nenad says

    Has anyone actually tried this plugin before?
    Are there any bugs or anything we should be worried about before buying?

  13. Alexandru Radulescu says

    I bought it and it seems to function perfectly! For the moment, would recommend1

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