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Oxygen not loading up!

Oxygen not loading up!

Hey guys, oxygen is not loading up at all, I already increased the php limit to 256mb, PHP is 7.2 (was 7.3 but downgraded it).

If I disable Woocommerce, Oxygen is loading instantly, what might be the issue?


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  1. Hristiyan says

    Console log from incognito, WProcket is disabled, no extensions installed.

  2. Hristiyan says

    Console log when woocommerce is disabled.

  3. Zaid says

    What’s your php version? This most commonly happens if you are on 8, which is not yet supported, rolling back to 7.4 (if you are on 8 ) should help 😊

  4. Magnus says

    I have recently experienced something similar but only on cart/checkout if those pages are set as checkout/cart under Woocommerce > Settings. Have to temporarily disable it under woo-settings and then edit the pages…

  5. Dylan says

    are you using Plesk or Mod security?

  6. Yu says

    Same here but with Microsoft edge. If I use other browsers, it shows. Product image in single product is not display correctly but you can at least see the elements and edit them in the editor.

    I think it is because “error loading” whatever elements in the product builder.

  7. Simon says

    Did you find a solution at all? I updated a site to Oxy 3.9 which caused a few issues with featured images but now can’t load the builder to look at the template.

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