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Oxygen Plugin Devs:

Oxygen Plugin Devs:
Can we get a save re-usable – no reload option?

I find it super annoying that after saving a component as a re-usable we have to save the post and reload the editor (which we all know takes forever) just so I can add more instances of that re-usable in the current page.

Devs Plugin Oksigen:
Bisakah kita mendapatkan manfaat ulang yang hemat – tidak ada opsi isi ulang?
Saya merasa sangat menyebalkan bahwa setelah menyimpan komponen sebagai re-usable kita harus menyimpan posting dan mengisi ulang editor (yang kita semua tahu selamanya) hanya agar saya bisa menambahkan lebih banyak contoh yang dapat digunakan kembali di halaman saat ini.

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  1. Joshua Gugun Siagian says

    oxygen render the editor on server, guess what?

  2. Patrick Gallagher says

    I’ll take the bait… do people really want this?

    Is this something that someone should invest in… because there are people that would invest in the result?

  3. Marko Krstic says

    Did you tried collaboration plugin? I think it should solve this? Joshua Gugun Siagian

  4. Zbynek Smetana says

    Does anyone know how to stop the animation of this giff “Tak my money”. Is it not punishable?

  5. Sunny Trochaniak says

    You just need to hit Undo now :p no reload needed

  6. Terris Ng says

    I would like something that allows us to change the page without exiting the editor

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