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OxyMade Figma Assets are released

OxyMade Figma Assets are released 😍🎉
Hello everyone,We have just released our Figma assets to all our unlimited pan users in your dashboards.
Please visit your dashboard area to download the Figma Assets we are offering:
Next is a quick plugin update and then something big… Lainnya

Mungkin gambar teks yang menyatakan 'AG Welcome back, Anvesh G Dashboard 安 Changelog Account Account Profile Figma Assets Cheatsheet BB Get started guide Help Docs Read how- guide learn our designs and he framework. Live preview area You heck blocks live previewsir our responsive preview area. 7 make Page template builder blocks page landing page no time. Color palette generator Create beautiful color palette for your website.'


Mega Design Set - 500+ Blocks

Blogzine Design Set

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