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OxyNinja and OxyMade – is there much benefit to using these over just installing

OxyNinja and OxyMade – is there much benefit to using these over just installing some utility classes yourself? Is it mostly the pre-made templates they offer?


  1. Chloe Wayne says

    OxyMade framework is SOLID, I use it on every website I design. Oxymade even offers multiple design sets, and I can’t imagine how I would make a website without its pre-made design sets and a solid framework.

  2. George Xatzidimitriou says

    It’s not so much about the design sets. They’re mostly generic, with minimal if any imagination. It’s the frameworks that speed up your work that are powerful.

    Can’t say about oxymade as I don’t own it, but Core is a really solid product, that can speed up prototyping and website building by a big margin.

  3. John Dalezios says

    I got oxy-extras it is good to have saves you a lot of time and I am definately buying oxymade in the near future.

    They are both good to have

  4. Arya Baker says

    IMO…. With the constant updates, Framework wise and design sets wise, OxyMade is the better one πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. Rob Pearce says

    Don’t they slow up Oxygen or add loads of classes or bloat to the site for stuff you don’t need though? After using OxyNjnja for today I think it’s the slowest I’ve seen Oxygen builder since I’ve used it πŸ˜•

  6. Carlos Rosario says

    OxyMade !

    Solid. Stable. Fast. Bloatless. Amazing Support.

    Anvesh G

  7. Alberto Mercer Murillo says

    I wish oxyninja sold just their framework like oxymade does.

  8. Joel Burrows says

    do either of these do some kind of CSS purge? so that only the utility classes used will be loaded?

  9. Aaron Whittaker says

    Oxyninja is a thoughtfull framework. Tailwind is like a nightmare of classes, anti semantic and just Rude πŸ˜‚

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