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# Oxyninja vs OxyMade vs Other?

# Oxyninja vs OxyMade vs Other?

Are there other and which can be recommended?

I’m basically looking for designsets to add to Oxygen, without the overhead of additional plugins and weird framework that in any way complicates, bloats or messes with core Oxygen.

My thoughts about the two so far:

Oxyninja seems to have very few designsets / templates, or maybe I just can’t work the site properly. It really cool, but feels a bit over-engineered TBH.

OxyMade on the other hand have a massive offering, but they seem to come bundled with a custom tailwind-derived CSS framework and require a custom plugin to import. It’s not clear to me how they’re bundled in with the designsets. Is it a complete file that bloat my CSS or are utility classes chosen before-hand or do they come with their corresponding design elements only.

I realize the creators of these frameworks probably frequent this forum, so I apologies in advance if you take offense from my summary and initial thoughts.

(I supported many creaters in the Oxygen builder space, but I’ve come to be very picky. Sorry!)


  1. Bruno Antonio Rojas Leyton says

    None of both

  2. Bruno Antonio Rojas Leyton says

    Just waste of money.

  3. Steve Cooper says

    Personally I use OxyNinja but not too bothered about the design sets they offer, its the framework that they give you is the most important thing to me.

    Using their framework I can keep the design of the website uniform so the padding is the same, margins, drop-shadow etc just by adding the relevant class.

    Makes my life easier and workflow quicker.

  4. Arya Baker says

    OxyMade framework is not the full Tailwind dump. They handpicked 400+ classes from Tailwind and added 100+ own utility classes and created a robust and perfect framework to create any type of design with Oxygen.

    It is a very well designed framework with lots of helpers to design whatever we want.

  5. George Graham says

    Oxymade are taking the lead imo there doing great work

  6. Conair Aantoka says

    I use Oxymade framework and am pretty satisfied with its abilities. IMHO, it’s a magical experience.

  7. Himanshu Rohilla says


  8. John Murphy says offers 1000+ design blocks with wide variety of design sets which can be used for clients. My favorite framework is oxymade. Their grid helpers, hover effects, documentation, everything is so great that I cannot work without it.

  9. Ric Marry says

    It depends what you’re looking for.

    OxyMade has a larger number of design sets, but with very little variety between them. The framework has too many classes IMO.

    OxyNinja is deliberately simpler. It has fewer classes, but everything that’s required to quickly scaffold a site. They haven’t got a lot of designs, but the framework is very well considered and makes it easy to implement your design choices.

    I returned OxyMade and kept OxyNinja.

  10. Harry Thomas says

    I bought OxyNinja but couldn’t figure out how to work it properly, so I put it on the shelf. Then Kevin Geary started posting his tutorials on YouTube and they showed me how to properly utilize the classes. I’ve now started rebuilding my sites using the OxyNinja framework, only using the included templates as a quick install for headers and footers.

    I just bought the OxyWireframe set on initial sale; trying it out. It’s pretty good, but I think I’ll probably stick with OxyNinja for my sites, as I like building my own elements.

  11. Udoro 'Cracka' Essien says

    Oxymade has the ability to manage the framework and CSS stylesheets. They have purge function, you can delete unused classes. You can delete the framework stylesheet you don’t need. So there’s no bloat.

  12. DrFola Ajisafe says

    Not again!!! Pls search the group for the same question asked already a million times already…lol

  13. Michael Clovergent says

    Both are great, but OxyMade has a ton of design sets and I believe has taken the lead. They are also working on a Figma kit, if I’m not midtaken.

  14. Carlos Rosario says

    OxyMade with its Anvesh G offer the best solution in the market, IMO.

    They’re the only fulfilling their promises!

    Most people in the community will confirm that.

  15. Rosalind M Share says

    I have both. It’s a matter of preference.
    OxyNinja is a stunning piece of coding. Elegant & practical.
    Oxymade/OxyMonster uses Tailwind CSS utility classes & is also excellent.
    They both provide a framework to use in Oxygen & saves a great deal of time.
    It’s your choice.

  16. John Aperture says

    OxyMade user here. I started out with Ninja, and now only use OxyMade.

    Tailwind CSS and the personalized Anvesh G experience is awesome.

    I just hope the man is getting enough sleep!

  17. Budi Haryono says

    oxymade using tailwind framework more easy to understand, but oxyninja i dont know

  18. Adam Tang says

    Buy all.

  19. Thor Larsen says

    Naveen G hey man, peple love your product and I’m sure I will too. Do you happen to know if OxyMade has any incompatibilities with OxyExtras? 🙂

  20. Travis Hinton says

    Don’t listen wholesale to everyone saying OxyMade is “taking the lead” and the “obvious choice”.

    Regarding design sets, which is what you originally asked about, I think OxyNinja wins. I’m personally not inspired by 90% of OxyMade’s blocks, and like someone else said, there’s not a lot of difference between the huge amount of OxyMade blocks, whereas I really like the majority of OxyNinja’s blocks. However, you have to remember that the bigger purchase you’re making is not actually the design set, but the CSS utility class system. Yes, pre-made blocks are useful, but, what’s more useful is having a utility class system that allows you to make any kinds of elements you want, and easily style them in a consistent way.

    So, regarding utility class systems: lots of people seem to prefer OxyMade’s utility class system, which is a handpicked selection of Tailwind CSS classes, but, I’ve also heard from many people that they enjoy OxyNinja’s utility class system more. You need to sit down with both and see what makes the most sense for how you build sites. Honestly, you can probably make either of them work. But, if you have an engrained way of using CSS, maybe one fits that better and is thus worth the purchase. Or, if you enjoy the smaller amount of classes of OxyNinja, go with that.

  21. Harry Buckley says

    There are : OxyExtras , OxyNinja , OxyPowerpack , OxyMade and now OxyWireFrame . I only use Ninja at the moment. WireFrame is new and its priced at 65 euros and until 20th July there is a 20% discount. WireFrame provides a framework for creating blocks I think. I have taken a look at Wireframe but the examples provided don’t look to inspire but I am going to look at this further because of the price and maybe the possibilities.

  22. George Xatzidimitriou says

    Using core framework in most of my projects. It’s simple as f*ck to use, and with the tutorial videos they added lately, even a child can build a site with it.

    The design sets leave a lot to be desired, but the devs are very responsive, and if a bug or issue is found, they push the fix to the library quite fast.

    Oxymade on the other hand, is getting a lot of hype the last few months. Perhaps it’s as great as they say, but their blocks are so generic and unispired, that leave even more to be desired.

    Of you’ve used tailwind before, I’d say oxymade would be the best choice. Of you’re starting out now, you can go wrong woth core.

  23. Thor Larsen says

    Naveen G quick follow up question. If I buy OxyMade, will it be fairly painless to get a proper business invoice / receipt?

  24. Thor Larsen says

    Tailwind is the only CSS framework I have experience with, so I’m swayed for that reason mostly. Thanks for your thoughts!

  25. Marco Rubiol says

    I was checking both. I keep oxyninja because it’s simplest and because when I uninstalled oxyninja my webpage was still working. When I uninstalled oxymade my website broken.
    It’s not so much because once you have it you can keep it in, but was bordering me a little bit.
    Both are nice. If you are use to Taiwland I think that it’s better that you go to oxymade.

  26. Dennis Lund says

    Tried both. Now using OxyMade due to the Tailwind based framework.

  27. Travis Love says

    oxymade is better but lacking woo

  28. Miguel Joseph Javier says

    I prefer writing my own CSS but oxyninja and oxymade are great for common UI elements that don’t need a custom touch. I like using them as a starting point then making them work with my own design system. It’s a synergy of sorts.

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