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===Page Blank For Woocommerce Search Results===

===Page Blank For Woocommerce Search Results===

All of my sites with WooCommerce + Oxygen have blank search results for the products.

Any solutions?

Woocommerce Version: 5.5.1
Oxygen Version: 3.8.1
WordPress Version: 5.7.2

Has happened on multiple sites. Normal search works fine.


  1. Ryan Jones says

    You can download a previous version of WooCommerce here:
    Scroll down to the bottom to “Previous Versions”

    Upload the plugin, and “Replace current with uploaded”.

    This seems to work ok – no bugs or crashes rolling back the plugin…

    I rolled back to WooCommerce 5.4.2

  2. Lawrence Kritzinger says

    Yep, same issue for me. Seems to be related to the latest Woo update.

  3. Andrea Michielin says

    Same for me! I found out thanks to a customer who… couldn’t use search! 😆

  4. Andrea Michielin says

    Perhaps these suggestions will help:

  5. Andrea Michielin says

    Hi everyone.
    For those who have the same problem, i confirm that the solution proposed on Github works for Oxygen site too!

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