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Not 100% Oxygen related, but just a small tip that might save you a heck of a lot of research time, so you can get back to enjoying Oxygen’s user interface and do all the fun stuff:

JSON files! You know it. You have struggled in AE with clean, no plugin animation, rendered it out with Bodymovin’s weird interface or searched and searched for that nice Lottie animation file you downloaded for your project and you go to media Library, push upload …. aaaaand *BRICKWALL* 🤬

Qoute on qoute (approximately:)
‘Due to security yada yada yada’ this kind of file is not allowed, when you try to upload.😭

Now; i have searched and tried and made edits to the footer and header backend and changed the configuration.php etc. etc. and followed all the other advice that point you in some direction … just not the direction that get you to the solution.

What i found, was a simple install of an excellent plugin; ‘WP Extra File Types’ did the trick.
Install it, tick the box with .json aaaaaand your done!

Happy animating and developing out there 🙂


  1. Robert Chan says

    Probably handy for CSVs too, iirc that’s restricted

  2. Will Hunter says

    Wp file manager is good for that as well.

  3. Marcus Alexander Hansen says

    Love your way of writing

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