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Hello everyone,
i wanted to know if anyone knows how to do the following. In practice I have 2 ACF fields and I would like to make sure that according to the selection of the first field only the corresponding results are shown. I try to explain myself better with this example:
The first ACF “Work” field has the following values:
– Mason
– Gardeners
etc …
The second ACF “Services” field has the following values:
– Bathroom makeover
– Masonry
– Plant cutting
– Irrigation system installation

What I would like to achieve is that if I select the “Bricklayer” in the first field, I will display only “Bathroom renovation”, “Masonry” in the second field. While in the case in which I select in the first field of work, I display in the second field only “Plant cutting”, “Irrigation system installation”.

I hope I have explained😅. Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to give me a hand 👍


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