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[self-hosted video vs youtube/vimeo]

[self-hosted video vs youtube/vimeo]
Hi guys, hope you’re all fine and safe. Oxygen doesn’t allow to add a youtube/Vimeo video as section background. So, I need to upload a mp4 file to my media gallery. The dimension of the file is about 5mb.
What do you guys think about page loading speed? Would it better to have an ‘external video’ or a self-hosted could work as well as the external?
Thank you


  1. James Brambley says

    This was all self hosted in the end (the backgrounds at least)

  2. Clint Bush says

    As long as the video is not render blocking and loading async from a CDN as well as not auto playing with sound you should be good. I would maybe disable it loading on mobile to avoid unnecessary data use for mobile viewing

  3. Jason Eugene says

    I used cloudinary to host a video I use as a background video. If the site doesn’t get a lot of traffic you can use their free tier. Has worked well for me!

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