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Simple 100% CSS slider.

Simple 100% CSS slider.

I haven’t seen this requested in the group, not sure if there are enough interested in a tutorial.

Sederhana 100 % CSS slider.

Saya belum pernah melihat permintaan ini di grup, tidak yakin apakah ada cukup yang tertarik dengan tutorial.

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  1. Ray Mitchell says

    Tutorial? Yes, please!

  2. Utsabdeep Ray says

    tutorial please

  3. John Spears Jr says

    Please do.

  4. David Okunmuyide says


  5. David Jelks says

    What? Are you kidding?! Yes please!! 😂

  6. Bob Liebl says

    Yes Please

  7. Rika Fouché says

    Yes please

  8. Mike JC Smith says


  9. Peter Needham says

    Yes please..

  10. Rotua Hamonangan Siregar says

    I always waiting for you on yt…
    The bell is always on..

  11. Davor Mlinarić says

    is that repeated bg image?

  12. Udoh Christian says

    Nice work. I am currently handling a web project with oxygen. Your channel will be one of my repository

  13. Udoh Christian says

    Thanks man

  14. Camilo Garcia says

    Yes, if you could chain WC products would be nice!

  15. Dahunsi Olajoyegbe says

    Do the tutorial o

  16. Juan Jose Gonzalez says


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