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SIMPLE Alternative to WooCommerce with Stripe Payments?I don’t need coupons or e

SIMPLE Alternative to WooCommerce with Stripe Payments?

I don’t need coupons or even customer logins. They can all guest checkout. All I need is a simple shopping cart for physical products that accepts payments via Stripe. Suggestions? Have you used Fluent Forms or Forminator for ecommerce?


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  1. Marko says

    Easy Digital Downloads?

  2. Rudi says

    Gravity Forms (or many other form plugins, that are compatible with stripe).

  3. Neha says

    Piotnet Forms

  4. Carlos says

    Stripe launched links to ask for payments and also sending a link to download e.g. a drive file.

    We use Fluent Forms and some
    Others depending on requirements.

  5. Mohammed says

    Most Form Builder Plugins can do that.

    Here is a comparison of top form builders

  6. Brian says

    Fluent Forms all day!

  7. Onur says


  8. Lau says

    No funnel needed?

  9. Brent says

    Formidable Forms works awesome for this.

  10. Ernst says


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