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Can you please help me with the issue I cannot find a solution for? Thanks a lot


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  1. Taylor says

    Oxyextras has this capability. But you could also implement it yourself with a javasript library

  2. Benjamin says

    I need to.

  3. Rasel says

    The feature you have asked is called carosuel not slider.

    Already Oxy-Extra has the carosuel builder..You can use it..

  4. Luboslav says

    If I’m not mistaken you are using swiperjs.All you have to do is to adjust the swiperjs settings for items to swipe for each slide. I’he done that before. PM me if you can’t deal with it. I will be home soon so I can help you.

  5. Jaroslav says
  6. Bruno says

    It depends if each are in one div. With Swiper you have SlideperView (number of logos by line) and as Luboslav Yordanov said the number of slides when you move.

  7. Filippo says

    Oxyninja has a great carousel widget very easy to set up with several customisable parameters.

  8. Manuel says

    Use Oxyninja to achieve that, very simple

  9. Bob says

    OxyNinja uses so you should be able to achieve the same effect with the JavaScript library.

  10. Sadhon says

    Logo slider plugin or use oxy extras

  11. Md says


  12. Rheanne says

    Owl Carousel is what you’re looking for! You can do it with a little bit of javascript/jquery.

    The code and demos can be found here:

    To apply this in oxygen, you’ll have to use the code block.

    Hope this helps Michal Gazdík

  13. David says
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