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So fed up with Elementor’s bloated code. Thinking of moving to either Webflow or

So fed up with Elementor’s bloated code. Thinking of moving to either Webflow or Oxygen? Any suggestions? Or maybe show the site’s you’ve built with Oxygen? Thanks!!

Begitu muak dengan kode buncit Elementor. Berpikir untuk pindah ke aliran web atau oksigen? Ada saran? Atau mungkin menunjukkan situs yang telah Anda bangun dengan Oksigen? Terima kasih!!

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  1. Bill Ren says

    Oxygen is amazing.

  2. Alan Lamb says

    I’m in the process of moving from Elementor to Oxygen. It’s certainly faster but not as easy to use. The oxygen interface is awful but once you work round that it’s a great product.

  3. Barry Wirt says

    Oxygen is so amazing. Can do anything you want

  4. Ian Cahn says

    Webflow is a lot like Oxygen, but the subscription you have to pay for the CMS is kinda sucky. Thats why I love Oxy.

  5. Jim Fettes says

    I’ve only just built my first site with Oxygen, but I can’t imagine ever going back to Elementor. It definitely has a learning curve, but it feels much snappier – and not being tied to a subscription is very freeing!

  6. Wilson Jakarta says

    I think it depends on what you need.
    if your project is more to frontend and simple cms I think webflow is good as you can create advance user interface easier on webflow, but if you need more customized cms, you can use oxygen builder and other wordpress plug-in.

    price-wise, wordpress is cheaper than webflow.

  7. Joey Clarin says

    Haven’t use webflow but use Elementor and Oxygen. It actually depends on how you built the website since I don’t have any problems with either builders.

    Oxygen though has a steep learning curve but is more flexible when you are a technical person. And the editor itself is not as smooth like Elementor but it’s fine with me.

    One thing I really like about Elementor is their template shortcodes in which I can use anywhere on the website. I don’t know if Oxygen have a similar feature since I’ve only built a few sites with it.

  8. John Brown says

    I think the LTD is a big factor. Webflow you’ll never stop paying for. It’s not apples and oranges but it’s a critical point imo.

    WordPress is also capable of almost anything, webflow not so much.

    I wouldn’t mind learning both but if I only had time for one I’d double down on Oxygen. Which I did.

  9. Varun Sood says

    Use Oxygen without any doubt.

  10. Hamad Pervaiz says

    Thank you so much guys for the recommendations. I already built and deployed my website on Oxygen ( I’m going to build a complete process inside my company to shift to Oxygen from Elementor.

  11. David Bolwell says

    Am I the only one who uses both? I love both page builders, it really depends on what I want to do and what the job is.

  12. Hayden Tomas says

    Oxygen. You can build anything without restrictions. Add code blocks, php, javascript.

    For non coders you have oxyninja and oxymade so you have nice templates. The codebase is light.

    The community is 🔥 and very helpful. This year I have been converting all my sites to oxygen. As for the learning curve, I taught my 70 year old mum to manage her oxygen site…

  13. George Xatzidimitriou says

    What’s way better than Oxygen, is the community. Both builders can create beautiful websites. The level of knowledge and design skills will have a greater impact than the builder of choice.

    Elementor is much better for clients that might want to edit their websites. And its ecosystem is miles ahead. Oxygen on the other hand, doesn’t hold your hand and you’ll advance your knowledge. Just be ready for a rollercoaster, as it can get frustrating at times with the overall editor lag and loading times.

  14. Faiz Sheikh says

    Oxygen is amazing… I have used elementor and beaver builder, now settled with oxygen.

  15. Cooper McGee says

    I moved a photography portfolio site from Elementor to Oxygen and took it from Pagespeed indexes of 11 (mobile) and 32 (desktop), to 96 (mobile) and 97 (desktop). Pretty miserable getting all the content out of the nested code-bloated Elementor blocks too.

  16. Robert James says

    I changed over from elementor to Oxygen, the best move I ever made!

  17. Keviin Cosmos says

    I’m in the face.. Something I really miss and something I really love.. So far it’s worth it, but it’s another way if thinking 💭

  18. Alan Gray says

    I use Oxygen. I built a site in Divi – Loads in 2.7 seconds and GTmetrix rating C and 72%

    Same site in Oxygen with no tweaking loads in 800ms, rating A and 99%

    No contest!
    – Oxygen did take me a little bit longer to understand where all the controls are.

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