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So I developed my first site with Oxygen over the past couple of weeks on Local

So I developed my first site with Oxygen over the past couple of weeks on Local and migrated it to a live server today. I thought I was well-prepared, but had a couple of hiccups. Maybe someone can shed some light on what went wrong so I have better experiences in the future. Here’s what I did:
1. I manually migrated everything as I’ve done with other sites in the past – zipped up the whole directory, FTP uploaded it to the new server, exported/imported a SQL file, changed the site URL, etc. No problems doing that and logging in to the backend.
1. Then, I regenerated the Oxygen CSS cache and resigned the shortcodes. I thought this was all I’d have to do – but even after that, many of templates and pages didn’t display correctly until I actually went into Oxygen for each template/page and then hit Save.

Any idea why this happened? Did I miss a step or forget to do something?


  1. Katelynn Hicks says

    I had to do all of that for my first site I migrated over. I was so worried something went horribly wrong in the process. Its such a pain opening and saving templates etc. But after that, every worked. Such a process

  2. Mariah Vicary says

    I also have had to do this in most migrations. Annoying, but at least it works eventually!

  3. Roger F. Schulze says

    Use AIO migration. Never had an issue

  4. Rika Fouché says

    I use All in one migration. Transfer the site. Reassign shortcodes, clear the CSS cache. Save permalinks twice. Site up and running within 10mins 😊

  5. Eric Embacher says

    I also have to do this for most migrations. Very time consuming, and one of the many reasons why using Oxygen is so inefficient for agency use. Maybe they’ll fix it one day.

  6. Mike Clute says

    Don’t forget to refresh your permalinks a couple of times and do those steps in #2. Never had any issues, only once or twice the hosting resources were weak.

  7. Joshua Hawkins says

    Thanks all!

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