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so my previous client is giving me another project to convert a mockup (figma) i

so my previous client is giving me another project to convert a mockup (figma) into a website again, Its a 2 page and its purpose is for referral landing page, last july they said that they already have half a million user. So for example the designer who made the mockup is charging $1000 for the 2 page mockup, how much should I charge the client to convert that mockup into website? Should I charge higher than what the designer receives?

Jadi klien saya sebelumnya memberikan saya proyek lain untuk mengubah mockup (figma) menjadi situs web lagi, Ini 2 halaman dan tujuannya adalah untuk referral landing page, Juli lalu mereka mengatakan bahwa mereka sudah memiliki setengah juta pengguna. Jadi contohnya desainer yang membuat mockup itu mengisi $ 1000 untuk mockup 2 halaman, berapa banyak yang harus saya tagih klien untuk mengubah mockup itu menjadi situs web? Haruskah saya menagih lebih tinggi dari apa yang diterima oleh desainer?

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  1. Alex Tester says

    Could charge the same, seems a good rate for 2 pages.

  2. Peter Adrian Bernardin says

    I would say it depends on the quality of the mock-up. Any chance we can see it?

  3. Maniche Khadgi says

    I Wana see that 2 page 1000 mockup

  4. Lev Kerzhner says

    I usually charge ~1500 for smaller sites and make a point of a very fast delivery.

    To many clients that justifies the rate.

  5. James Taylor says

    I’m very interested to see what sort of 2 page mockup goes for 1k , any chance we can have a peek? In answer to your question, if it was me, the cost of the design is irrelevant , my quote would be based on the complexity of the build and the time required to complete it.

  6. Robert Chan says

    how much time do you think it’ll take you to do it
    how much is your time worth

    then go with that.

  7. Christopher Gatt says

    I have my own pricing and work on how long it will take to complete the project. Forget about how much they charged for the mockup or what others charge. Set your hourly rate and then work out how many hours you will be working on the project. Add a couple of hours to your estimate in case something goes wrong or you get stuck with something.

  8. Mark Strus says

    I charge $150/hour of work. That includes time on calls, revisions, etc. I usually estimate a little higher than what I think it will take to leave room for incidentals like phone calls.

  9. Drew Schlichtmann says

    When you start getting bigger clients with deeper pockets, you start to charge for the value your project brings the client. Also, a lot of these types of clients literally perceive better value when things are more expensive.

    A mom and pop bakery might only need a single page site with their hours, a few photos, and address. I wouldn’t charge them more than $1k for that (likely they wouldn’t even pay that). However, if Nike wanted a single landing page for a new $300 shoe, they’re looking to spend at least $15k, granted that’s all gonna be handled in-house.

  10. Adam J. Humphreys says

    Base it on how long you think it will take you to do and add 25% at least.

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