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So, one for the heavy hitters out there….

So, one for the heavy hitters out there….

I have a directory site built with Oxygen and i want to create secondary profiles for listings…. in this case Campsites.

Now I have my CPT and I have my template to display the posts.

What I want to do is use the data contained in the posts to populate a secondary ‘bespoke’ design in order to create a secondary ‘profile’ that can be reached at a hard url…


The secondary profile needs to be a ‘page’ I imagine and I would need to add additional content manually on a ‘campsite by campsite’ basis. So the finished page would be a combination of dynamic data taken from the Post ID + custom content unique to that given post.

Ultimately I want to map domains to these pages on behalf of the campsites themselves.

Any thoughts? tips? tricks? caveats?


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