the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Taylor Drayson says

    use the icons inside a link wrapper instead

  2. Bruno Antonio Rojas Leyton says

    Use a div with horizontal layout, after add the icons and ready

  3. Wes Walz says

    Yeah gotta be custom

  4. Jason Eugene says

    I prefer making my own anyways because it gives me more control over them. Especially with accessibility, that way I can add specific data to each icon where I can’t do that when I use the social media icon set.

  5. James Lee says

    custom is a 2 min job

  6. Peter Naughton says

    Nope, I asked about this awhile back & was told you need to build your own if you want any icons/links aside from the ones hard-coded into that module.

  7. Jon Stanton says

    They need to make it more customisable and allow you to add what you like and assign the icon and url to it.

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