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**I should have realised this was a bug as it didn’t make sense. Thanks for pointing it out Oxyfolk!**

Advanced query “meta_query” help, please? I’m trying to pull any posts found in two different post object fields in the same post type “compare”.

The post type is a product comparison page that pulls data from two reviews. I’m on a review page and want to list all the comparison posts that include the current review. When I run it, it only returns the posts found in the last of the two arrays even though the relation is set to “OR”.


  1. David Ross says

    I have seen similar behaviour to this. I concluded the OR just didnt work. I ended up manually writing my query and not using the Advanced Query builder. It then worked as expected.

    What would be nice with the advanced builder is to be able to debug the query that is produced because its super frustrating when it looks right but doesnt work as expected. Seeing the outputted code would really help.

  2. Nikita Severin says

    It returns the second value, even when it does not fit the condition?

  3. Jose Raul Fenollar says

    Oxygen team knows the issue, and calificate them as enhancement for the next future

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