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Hi fellas, I was trying to import some design set to the library, but I did a epic fail and I installed the OXYGEN4FUN website library and all my site change and is terrible.
The worst part is I cant edit anything because the all site is now like a Inner content…
BTW I don’t have a backup.
Could you tell me how to remove installation and recover all my structure.


  1. Zrinka Zizi says

    Back to admin and Check if revisions of that page have any old version. Can you remove site key for design set that you added?

  2. Ulf Parczyk says

    Your host should have backups. Contact their support.

  3. Vaquero Rodrigo Rosales says


    I solved it by creating a new template, where in there I had to delete the stylesheets and selectors from the oxygen4fun page.

    I only had to make the manual changes to the global setting but I could already solve it.

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