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Hi guys. First time using Metabox. I’m using Oxygen builder to build a website of properties (house, loft, apartments). In the properties archive page I add a repeater to show all properties (it works correctly) and now I need to set 6 filters (type of property: house, loft, apartment)(cities: Acapulco, New York, Canada) but I have no idea how to accomplish this. I know that I can accomplish this using plugins like GridBuilder or WPfacet, but the project budget only include Metabox and Oxygen licence. So, my only option is to use a free plugin and Metabox, Oxygen, WordPress features. This is the last step to complete the website and I really need a hand on this 🙏

PD: I’m not a coder 🙈


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    I don’t want to write false informations but if I remember correctly I tried to implement it once but I had problems with lazy loaded posts. It only sort and filter alredy loaded posts so if you have pages or infinite scrolling it won’t work. I may be wrong so if you were able to implement it let me know as well please!

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