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SOLVED / Question about oxyninja update

SOLVED / Question about oxyninja update

Hey everyone, hope y’all doing well.
I encountered the following problem: after the recent oxyninja update to 3.4.3, some classes have stopped working – but only on the frontend. In oxygen everything looks fine. I tried deleting and reapplying the classes, reimported the oxyninja stylesheets and disabled / enabled 3rd party stuff in oxygen settings. Didn’t help…

Any ideas? I contacted oxyninja support, but the project is on a tight deadline, so the faster I can get some hints, the better. Thank you very much in advance.


  1. Guido 't Hooft says

    Do a search in this group. Somebody posted a solution yesterday to a oxyninja problem. Might be the same problem.

  2. Malky Malk says

    The solution is also on their update page.

  3. Flx Grafix says

    Thanks all. Has been solved, was a missing closing bracket in one of my stylesheets. Dunno why it just started making trouble after the update…

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