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***SOLVED*** (sort of). Still not sure what causes the issue, but changing the f

***SOLVED*** (sort of). Still not sure what causes the issue, but changing the font size to a different value as a workaround helps.

I get slight rendering issues when using fluid font sizes. (Update: also happens with static font sizes)
Has anyone else experienced this, and how can it be fixed?

When I use fluid font sizes with clamp, some letters don’t render properly. The stroke ends of letters are skewed. The image shows the phenomenon occurring with the letters “a”, “g”, “r” etc.
When I use static font sizes, it’s fine. Font is Roboto Condensed (i.e. a proper one..)


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  1. Morgan says

    What? I have no idea what this picture is trying to explain

  2. Ronny says

    Morning 🤙 Did you do a cross check with another font?

    And is your font stored locally or by googleapi?

  3. Matt says

    As Ronny asked, it would be interesting to know where your font is loaded from. And if local, what file format you use.
    Check in different browsers to narrow down the issue.
    You could try if CSS -webkit-font-smoothing helps with better rendering.

  4. Niko says

    Ronny Strowick Matt Hias thank you; the questions have helped me to find the issue.

    The .woff files were taken from and loaded via Matthias’ snippet. The issue also occurs for Roboto and with other browsers.
    A rounding issue sounds like the right answer, because it only happens with larger font sizes and it’s always just one pixel off.
    So, I replaced my (somewhat complicated) fluid font formula with a much simpler one, and it works now.
    It’s good enough as a workaround as I am planning to replace my font system with automatic.css anyway, once it becomes available. 🙂
    Thanks, guys!

  5. Jesse says

    Is that font weight actually available? Wondering if it’s a faux-bold issue

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